College Visit: Occidental College

April 9, 2019

by Barbara Harris

Occidental College's ("Oxy") urban location is a core part of it's education and it's attraction for students who are involved in the world and fascinated by what takes place in the urban landscape. Oxy is most famous for it's government and international relations programs as well as a strong undergrad science (biology is the third most popular program on campus). The curriculum of most classes includes some field work with the outside world, whether the research vessel used in science classes, geology and environmental science in nearby locations. Aeronautical engineering students enjoy access to programs with JPL and the access to nearby LA makes internship programs readily available for many students In addition 44% of students study abroad in some fashion: programs range from 3 weeks to semesters ranging from research positions with faculty, a unique program with the UN to a "campaign" semester in which students take a semester to work on a campaign of their choice. Involvement in the outside world, a passion for social justice and interest in the outside world are what drves the Oxy student. Students must live on campus for the first three years which makes the campus a vibrant place with students involved in a broad range of organizations, however students also love venturing into the nearby city" attending poetry slams, art openings, independent theater and the full range of offerings only LA can offer. Oxy is a Div 3 school with 25% of students participating in varsity sports. Dorm options range from beautiful old spansh buildings to the modern. Occidental is a beautuful campus in the old 1930's Spanish style, with it's own olive grove right on campus but it is definitely a part of it's urban neighborhood.