Visit to Loyola Marymount University

April 9, 2019

FRom left LMU Chapel, students, library quad

Spring break and standing room only for the Campus tour for this popular college overlooking Marina Del Ray in West LA. A campus tour will tell you why. With excellent reputations for their Engineering and Film program (top 10 in US) as well as a strong pre-professional program (Pre-Med, Pre-Dent. Pre-Law,Pre-Pharma), a 90% placement rate in first year post grad, with 97% in major, it's easy to see why. And if you don't know your major? You don't need to declare till end of Sophomore year, there's a special retreat to explore majors and the Career Tracks program where LMU students meet with LMU alums around the country to learn more about their chosen careers. There's also a strong spiritual/community caring aspect to the school. Many of the Greek organizations are focused on this and there are two religion classes required to grauate as well as Priests present in dorms. Fifty percent of the students are Catholic with the rest from other faiths, agnostic/atheist. Div 1 sports, especially basketball are big here and a lively student life departmernt give students alot to like.